food safe containers for growing vegetables

Asked March 31, 2016, 9:49 AM EDT

Hello, I need to give my vegetable plants a lift so the little 4 legged clawed creatures don't eat our plants. Do you think plastic containers would work and if so, any suggestions where I might get them? Thanks. Dawn

Prince George's County Maryland

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Yes, you can certainly grow vegetables in plastic containers. You can buy containers many places. You'll have no problem finding them.
Here is where you start on our website:

Plastic will hold water longer, so less watering, but it also can retain heat more than clay pots. In full sun all day, or during a heat wave, be sure you plants roots do not overheat.


Just in case a reader does not know it, let me add that any container, particularly outside, should have drainage holes at the base. Good luck from a gardener in AA Co.