Emergent Selective Herbicide for Weed control

Asked March 31, 2016, 8:26 AM EDT

I am looking for a Emergent selective herbicide that I can apply after planting. I am planting Chufa in a food plot for wild turkeys. Chufa does not do well when it has to compete with weeds. I am looking for advise on howI might best control weeds after the Chufa is planted. If my sequencing of planting then management of weeds is ass backwards then please recommend a more successful process as well as the preferred herbicide of use. I am new at this and want to avoid mistakes by trial and error. My process to this point was to: 1). Obtain a soil test 2.) Apply recommended Lime and fertilizer to get a favorable pH 3.) Disc the lime and fertilizer into the ground 4.) Plant the Chufa by discing to about an 1" 5.) Apply a Selective Emergent Herbicide on top of the seed bed to control weeds and promote minimal weed competition for the Chufa. That is my plan ....will it work or can you suggest a better mouse trap? Thanks in advance for your help

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We do not have expertise in this. You need to contact the MD Department of Natural Resources wildlife info, or the MD Department of Agriculture for the crop aspect.

Meanwhile, be aware that chufa is the same species as Yellow Nutsedge which is a notorious and invasive plant which you'll want to be very careful about the seed. here's some info: http://www.123helpme.com/view.asp?id=38636