mile-a- minute vines and stilt grass

Asked March 31, 2016, 8:25 AM EDT

I have a mostly wooded area behind my house and the areas that get sunshine are completely overwhelmed with mile-a- minute vines and stilt grass by mid-summer. This area is also boggy so I cannot mow and it is too large to weed whack. The beetles that were supposed to eat the mile-a-minute vine which were introduced several years ago have had no impact at all. Any suggestions on how to clean this area up? I do not want to use herbicides if that can be avoided.

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Since mile a minute vine is an annual and extremely easy to pull, we'd recommend that you walk through and pull the mile-a-minute seedlings early in the season. A few minutes of work (strolling through once in a while) should pay off hugely. Whatever you do, do not let it get to the berry stage. Then you'll have it next year.
Once you stop it ONE YEAR, you should have only a few in the future which can be easily handled.

Your only other options are herbicides. Spray for mile-a-minute containing glyphosate must be formulated for wetlands, otherwise it will kill aquatics in the water. And those aquatics are eating the mosquito larvae, protecting you from mosquitoes (including disease-carrying ones).

You can spread (by hand) a granular crabgrass pre-emergent which will prevent stiltgrass germination. The ingredients dithiopyr or pendamethalin are the best. Check the labels for use in wet ares. This should be applied when the flowers of forsythia are falling off--soon.