Asked March 30, 2016, 10:15 AM EDT

My wife loves full blooming Hydrangeas, primarily in the blue color (which I know requires acidic soil), but she also loves multi-colored Hydrangeas (the typical rounded/ball flower). Is there any particular Hydrangea that would do well in morning sun/afternoon shade in Houston, that is primarily blue, but also produces other colors? I have seen these on some online retailer sites (such as the "LA Hydrangea", which supposedly blooms in numerous colors), but I am not sure they will live up to the promise of a variety of color, and healthy, large blooms.
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Fort Bend County Texas

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Traditional hydrangea tend to be fussy here, especially during the strong heat of summer. Not that you'd be too interested, but the oakleaf hydrangea performs great in a part shade area. But, no fancy pink OR blue bloom. Traditional hydrangea would do good on the east side of the house where they get morning sun. BUT, they have to get at least 6 hours of FULL sun to grow well. Avoid planting on the south or west side of structure. I couldn't find a .edu resource, but this Southern Living link might help you get closer to the blue that you want.


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