Plum Curculios & peaches

Asked March 29, 2016, 6:44 PM EDT

Can I use something like Actara on my home peach tree ?

Iberia Parish Louisiana

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Unfortunately the active ingredient in Actara is not available to homeowners and is not labeled for use in backyard trees (at least in Washington State). Based on my research on plum curculio back at Michigan State University, plum curculio is a difficult insect pest to control.

There is one active ingredient similar the Actara that is available to homeowners and is labeled for use in home situations- acetamiprid. Plum curculio is listed as a target pest for acetamiprid label that I'm looking at. The Ortho pesticide series does have at least two products that have the active ingredient acetamiprid on the label. For other strategies and homeowner products, see:

No recommendation would be complete without the warning about Reading the Pesticide Label First before purchasing and making sure you have correctly identified the pest impacting your peaches.

Good luck in your endeavors!