Lawn Care- Mole issue

Asked March 29, 2016, 1:02 AM EDT

How do I effectively address the mole issue in our yard? also, let me know what time of the year I should do it. They are making big piles in my grass and have done so for the last 3 years. email me please. thanks

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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First, be sure the problem is moles. Generally, you can determine this based on behavior. Moles push up mounds of soil as they dig for insects. The good news is that if it is moles, there are very few causing all the damage, usually about five per acre. Moles eat insects, so their presence means that you have abundant insects in your soil. There are several ways to control for them, but the most successful is to eliminate grubs in the soil, using one of many pesticides labeled for that purpose. I am including a fact sheet that provides even more detailed information.