Asked March 28, 2016, 8:36 PM EDT

This will b year 3 of my asparagus
Last year I had very tall very thin spears and lots of ferns I let all the ferns go yellow as I read before cutting back to about 6 inches and mounded up the earth around them
We had a very wet winter but there seems to be no sign of them in the garden when should I start to see them or are they a lost cause

Outside United States

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Thanks for contacting Extension! I am the agent in Amelia County, Virginia. At this time of year, we have people harvesting their asparagus already, so if you are nearby, I expect that you should be seeing something already. If you are in a colder region, you may be delayed a while longer.

It sounds like it is possible that your plants could be stressed, especially if they are not doing well this spring. This can happen if they are harvested too much or too long, although there are some other problems that occur. You may wish to visit your local Extension office for more information, but I have found several excellent publications which explain how to manage asparagus in your garden, and these pubs outline when/how to harvest in order to keep the crowns healthy in their early years and some other troubleshooting information-I'd recommend giving them a look (you may disregard information in the pubs about local climates--for that, adapt to your own location):
Asparagus Production Guide (Virginia):
Asparagus (Clemson):
Asparagus in the Garden (Utah State):