Spider sacs

Asked March 28, 2016, 5:49 PM EDT

Is there a safe way to distroy them besides fire and bug sprays

San Diego County California spiders

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I would certainly NOT suggest using fire to destroy spider eggs sacs unless they had been removed from the vicinity of homes and buildings and any other materials that might possibly catch on fire. If you see spider egg sacs hanging from webbing, simply take a long stick or branch, reach in and move the stick around to wrap the webbing and egg sacs around the end of the stick. They can then be pulled out of their hiding place and placed into the garbage, submerged in water, tossed into a field, or otherwise disposed of (even burned if you have a safe fire pit, fire place or barbeque). Most garden and household insects sprays labeled for controlling spiders should also be effective if you can thoroughly wet down the egg sac with the spray. Light mists may not penetrate through the silk of the egg sac to kill the baby spiders or eggs inside. Even then, if they are in the open, you may need to use the stick/branch routine to remove them after they have been sprayed.

However, unless you have a deathly fear of spiders, I would not recommend removing outdoor spider eggs sacs at all unless you knew that they belonged to a harmful species such as a black widow. The vast majority of spiders are completely harmless to humans, and they are actually beneficial to have around because they will capture and eat many of the pest insects that may be more of a problem around your home and garden. And they are very likely to return to the places you are seeing their webs and egg sacs anyway, because those are obviously ideal places to capture prey and raise their babies or else they wouldn't be there to begin with. If you do have a deathly fear of spiders, you may need to hire a professional exterminator to treat around your home where you are seeing the spiders or their eggs, but even then it is difficult to keep them away entirely.