How to successfully plant a 2 1/2 Acre horse pasture in Bend area

Asked March 28, 2016, 4:43 PM EDT

For the past twelve years I have replanted my horse pasture with seed and fertilizer. This year it has many ground holes for gophers, or other ground dwellers. I really need expert advice, as I have run out of ways to make a decent pasture for my ten horses. The pasture is divided into 10 good sized sections so each horse has its own privacy. The irrigation system is mostly golf type flat type, but I will also need to put in a few more, as they are not covering enough ground and last year they proved inadequate. I will gladly pay for a plan to make a professional plan to help me.

Deschutes County Oregon

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This is not a problem that has a short answer. Prineville is the home office of the forage specialist, Mylen Bohle. He has years of experience helping people with their pasture questions. He will be giving a talk on pasture management at the Redmond Library on April 19 from 6-9. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to get some expert advice and possibly set up a time for an individual meeting. You must rsvp for this event by April 18 to Jan Roofener at 541-815-8733.