Requirements for organic certification , soil fertility and crop nutrients

Asked March 28, 2016, 4:12 PM EDT

Stated in the eCFR 205.203 (b) The producer must manage crop nutrients and soil fertility through, rotations, cover crops, and the application of plant and animal materials. I just do two requirements,I rotate my crops, I use cover crops and green manure but I do not put a compost down nor do I spread any animal manure right now. My question is, Do I HAVE to do all three requirements to keep in compliance with organic standards? Or is my two practices and getting good soil tests back still OK? Thank you!


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Anytime I receive questions on the organic standards, I typically refer the farmer back to whoever is assigned as the represenative for their particular organic group. Answers have varied from one organic group to another. I would suggest you contact them first.

As a second contact, you may wish to talk with Vicki Morrone. Vicki is with the MSU Center for Regional Food Systems and specializes in organic production. Her contact information is as follows: Vicki Morrone, 517-353-3542, cell: 517-282-3557 or email her at

Hope this helps you to find answers to your questions. Feel free to contact me if I can be of further help too.