straightening an upright juniper

Asked March 28, 2016, 1:02 PM EDT

How can I straighten a mature upright juniper bent over because of the recent heavy snow we recently had due to the March blizzard in Denver? Can I stake and tie ropes around it and pull it back upright? If so, how long should I keep the ropes in place?

Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Make sure that no part of the trunk or limbs of your juniper are broken or split. If there are signs of breakage or injury you will want to prune these areas. Any open wound or injury can be an invitation for insects and/or disease to enter the juniper.
Once you have determined the health of your juniper you can stake it to help it recover its upright stature. You may want to consult a tree professional to stake your tree. If you chose to do this yourself, be sure to use a soft material or the flat, grommeted strap that can be purchased at a nursery or garden center. Do not use wire, rope, or a segment of watering hose. These materials are too narrow and can cause damage to tender bark. Two to three stakes can be used, metal or wood stakes are fine. You can wrap the circumference of the juniper with the strap and carefully attach it to the stake. Don't tie it too tightly, just snug it up. Once the snow season has passed you can probably remove the staking. If the juniper is still bent you will need to leave the staking for one growing season.