Asparagras bed

Asked March 26, 2016, 8:52 AM EDT

Hi there, We planted a bed of 18 asparagras plants last year. This year the bed is filled with deep difficult to pull weeds. Ive used a claw hand tool but it only serves to pull up the roots of thr plants . Can rock salt be used to kill these weeds? The plants are not above ground at thiis time .Thank you,

Baltimore County Maryland

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Asparagus does not compete well with weeds. To avoid accidentally breaking off spears, weed each spring before the first shoots come up. During the production period, pull weeds rather than using a hoe.
Organic mulches such as grass clippings, wood chips, straw/hay or compost can be applied 4 to 6 inches thick to suppress weeds as soon as the spears start growing. Rock salt is not recommended. It can damage the soil structure creating a crust that impedes water infiltration. For more information see our Vegetable Profile