Question about starting seeds indoors

Asked March 25, 2016, 9:16 PM EDT

I'd like to try starting seeds indoors this year (flowers if it makes a difference). Unfortunately we have very poor lighting from the south and also live in a very small house with three kids and a dog. So needless to say, I have very little space to do this and no space where the seeds would get any light. Would it work if I planted them as suggested online, but moved them outdoors during the day so they'll get sun, then move them back inside in the evening before it gets too cold? Or will that not be warm enough? Thank you! -Rita

Rice County Minnesota

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Once the seeds germinate and emerge from the soil, they will need sufficient light. It sounds like that would be challenging for you.

However, you could try winter sowing by starting seeds in plastic gallon jugs, plastic liter bottles and plastic food containers. The theory is these are like little greenhouses. They hold the solar heat, can stay outside at this time of year and the seeds will germinate when conditions in the containers is right. U of MN Extension doesn't have a publication on this, but here is one from our friend's at Bachman's: