Potted christmas trees

Asked March 25, 2016, 3:47 PM EDT

I recently "rescued" four potted 3ft Christmas trees that were tossed out in the sun and begun to dry out. My first question is, which kind of tree are they, so I can take proper care of them, and the second is, the top of all four trees has completely dried out and turned brown (about 6 inches). Should I cut this off or will it damage the tree? Thanks for any advice!

Queens County New York

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I think they might be dwarf Alberta spruces. These plants do not like to dry out so keep in mind damage to them from drying might be permanent and just as cut Christmas trees keep their needles on for a long time, these trees might also. You could cut into a brown stem or two and see if the inside is green and also note if the buds on the stems are brown and dried. It the branches seem dead, then cut them off, they won't regenerate. If the buds seem alive, then you could give them a couple of months and see what happens. These trees should be hardy in New York. Plant them in the ground if possible - full sun to part shade, keep them moist and hopefully they will have not dried out so much that they will establish themselves.