meadow grasses for eastern PA

Asked March 25, 2016, 7:36 AM EDT

At my home on 1.3 acres, part of the lawn is a meadow with grasses that are cut once a year. I plan to convert part of the regular lawn into more meadow area and need to identify the appropriate grass or grasses to grow. The existing meadow grasses grow about 6-9" tall and produce seed stems. They are cut down once a year in the fall. Please provide any help you can in determining what kind of grass seed I should plant. If it makes sense, I could bring a sample of the existing grass to an appropriate expert to help identify it. Thanks Ray

Northampton County Pennsylvania

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The best way to have these grasses identified is to bring them into your local Penn State Extension Office at Gracedale Avenue Nazareth, PA 18064. Be sure to bring in a few different looking grasses. We will need the plant including the roots if possible. Donna Foulk is one of the educators in the office that can help you with identification. Photos of the meadow area would be helpful also. Thanks for your question.