Asked March 24, 2016, 9:57 AM EDT

My garden's soil has lousy drainage. There are underground springs running through the property, which doesn't help. My garden is E shaped without the center line so one side is too dry and compacted and the other too wet for too long stretch a of time. I need to amend both but not sure what is best. How can I correct this problem? One side(moist) is partly shade and the other side is mostly shade. What would be best to use - perennials, preferably, and/or annuals. If I use some Leaf Gro what proportions should I use? The Ph should be checked again but last year it tested within an OK range.

Baltimore Maryland

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Incorporate well rotted organic material--compost or manure or LeafGro to your entire garden. The soil level will need to go up in the areas that stay too moist or you can lower the areas near the wet bed. There is no specific proportion of organic material required. Some people add about one third organic material. Perennials or annuals can be planted. See the following links for plant suggestions. We suggest avoiding impatiens because of disease issues. Your local garden center will certainly have additional suggestions. Go to your local garden center, see what they recommend for your specifically sized site and conditions, what is in your price range, what looks good. Get the whole Latin name and cultivar name of the plant(s) you have selected and google them. Look at the photos of the full sized plants. See what insects and diseases they might tend to get. If you cannot determine the relative merits of the plants, you could send us another email. vw