Compost Tea- Can you make a Mother from Compost Tea?

Asked March 24, 2016, 5:37 AM EDT

I am going to make some compost tea. I have been collecting compost from different areas in my city, From under trees were the leaves have compost over years of decay. I am hoping to get a variety of micro organisms. I under stand that most people using this system use a water contender and an air pump for 24 hours for heathy micro organism growth. and 3 or 4 days for good root spoor fungus. I have done quit a bit of internet searching and have not found that any one goes longer than 3 or 4 days. My question: If I use a 55 gallon drum to make the compost tea and take half or 3/4 of the water (Tea) out and ad new water to it every couple of days ( It would become a Mother ) Would I be promoting heathy micro organisms or bad ones?

Santa Clara County California

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To who it may concern,

I don't know much about compost and compost tea, but I suggest you contact my colleague Cole Smith of UCCE Santa Clara. Cole runs the county's master Composter program and will probably be able to help you. Some contact info for him:

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