Planting a new tree in the same location as an old tree

Asked March 23, 2016, 6:56 PM EDT

We are planning to remove a 30' Ash tree from our front yard because of the emerald ash borer. It is beginning to show possible signs of infestation We would like to immediately replace it with a new tree specifically a Sunburst Honey Locust which we already ordered from the Minneapolis tree sale. Someone said to me that I can't replant in the same location as the old tree. This is really disappointing as it's the only good front yard location for a tree as the other side of the front yard is our only good sun for gardening. Can you advise me on this question? If we have to wait how long must we wait. Thanks Steff

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It depends on how you remove the ash stump. If you pull it out and fill in the hole you can probably get away with using the same location, however, if you grind it there will be a lot of wood chips using nitrogen that the new tree will need. It is advisable to plant several feet away from the ash location.
The wood chips will take several years to degrade, same for the roots left in the soil.