Asked March 23, 2016, 2:53 PM EDT

I live in Morrison County on the Mississippi River I'm located on the east bank with a shaded wooded lot. The soil is basically all sand. I would like to fill in the grass along the shoreline with some color. This would not be cut because I have a very natural shoreline. Any suggestions for types of plants?

Morrison County Minnesota

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Tank you for question about plantings. If I understand correctly you are looking for low maintenance native plants to grow along the shoreline in a sandy, shady area. You mention wanting color. If you truly have full shade and want native plants this may be difficult. Wild ginger and ferns could be good choices for the space. They are primarily green but do offer a lot of texture and require little maintenance. I have attached a link below on landscaping with natives. It contains a plant list that includes what growing conditions are needed. I have also attached a link to a University of Minnesota publication on plants for tough spots. You will find plants listed in this that are primarily non-native.