New raised bed

Asked March 23, 2016, 8:20 AM EDT

I built a raised 8 by 6 bed ,I put broken tiles on bottom for drainage,it is 2 feet deep , how much dirt and stones should I put in it for tomato plants and how far apart do I plant thanks ken

Richmond County New York

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It is not recommended to put tiles and stones in the bottom of a bed to improve drainage. You should begin by looking at our Vegetable website and 'Preparing the Soil'. You need to add sources of organic matter which include compost, well rotted manure, or leaf mold (composted leaves). Organic matter can be purchased in bulk or bags. You will have to look in your area for sources. D.

You can also call around to topsoil/mulch suppliers for commercially available mixtures of topsoil and leaf compost. This makes an excellent media for raised beds - blended topsoil (70%) and leaf compost (30%). Can be purchased by the cubic yard. Here is information on beginning your own home

Whenever buying topsoil or organic matter it basically is 'buyer beware'. As far as compost, the only way to know exactly what you are putting in your veggie garden is to make it yourself.
See our videos on raised beds, See our Profile on tomatoes for information on planting and spacing
Contact your extension for more information