Asked March 22, 2016, 6:30 PM EDT

I pulled wheel barrow loads of nightshade out of 1 1/2 acre pasture. I don't want the animals to get sick again from eating nightshade. I have horses and llamas. What can I use to prevent it from coming back this spring? We are a dry lot no irrigation but this stuff grows with the cheat grass and mustard weed.2015 first time that it grew on our property.

Crook County Oregon nightshade pasture weeds

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The key to managing nightshade is to not let it go to seed and spread throughout your pasture. I would consider treating your pasture with 7 oz/acre of Milestone herbicide (aminopyralid) after the majority of broadleaf weeds, including the nightshade, have emerged later this spring. Milestone is very effective on a wide range of broadleaf weed species/brush. There would be no grazing or feeding restrictions following application for your horses or llamas.