care about 2 plants (ficus and snake)

Asked March 22, 2016, 5:47 PM EDT

Are Ficus Lyrata plants the same thing as Ficus Pandurata? Snake plant can thrive in very dark or low light conditions, and should be watered once a week. Right?

New York County New York

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Yes, 'Fiddle Leaf Figs' can be F. lyrata or F. Pandurata)
Snake plant a.k.a. Sansevieria is a tough plant which prefers bright light and can even take lots of direct sun if slowly introduced.
That said, it can live in low light conditions, but in these conditions it ceases to grow.
The watering needs are not necessarily 'timed', but during the active growth period, make the entire potting mixture moist throughout, and then let the top inch of it to dry out before watering again. If grown in less light, it will probably use less water.