Kale is dying?

Asked March 22, 2016, 4:36 PM EDT


I am planting kale under grow lights in my house (I have used these lights for the past three years to grow starts; including kale). For some reason the plants just started dying. I gave them water and about 12 hours of light... The soil is from a bag of potting soil that was sitting in my shed over the winter.

Any thoughts?


Denver County Colorado

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It's a mystery why you're having poor results this year if you're doing everything the same as you have for the last three years when you had good results.

Try using a soil-less seed starting mix rather than potting soil, don't over-water your seedlings (the surface of your potting soil looks very dark and wet in your photos) and give them more light: either increase the hours of light to 18 or move your lights closer to your trays (the seedlings look tall and thin in your photos).

Here's some more information on starting seeds indoors: