Female Cardinal attacking window

Asked March 21, 2016, 4:19 PM EDT

We have a cardinal that began pecking on our windows on the front of our house beginning last Monday, 3/14. Our windows are reflective. Any cost effective ideas to stop the pecking? I'm concerned the bird will kill herself or crack a window. Thanks

Howard County Maryland

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What you describe is a fairly common behavior for territorial bird species like, robins, sparrows and cardinals that nest close to houses. It generally occurs in spring. Both males and females do this as they attempt to thwart possible competitors or birds they view as a threat to their young. They see their reflection in your window and assume it is a bird they need drive away which leads them to fly into the glass. You can prevent this temporarily by covering the outside of the window with bird netting or fabric so their reflection is no longer visible to them. Or hang shiny objects like cd discs or Mylar tape in front of the window. There are also semi-transparent stickers sold to prevent birds from flying into windows. This behavior is exhausting for the bird but is usually not lethal.