Asked March 21, 2016, 3:49 PM EDT

Someone brought me a load of supposedly clean organic compost a few years ago for my organic vegetable garden and now it is infested with nutsedge. Obviously, I do not want to to use any chemicals, since I eat the food I grow. Any suggestions? Any thoughts on molasses or sugar?

Baltimore County Maryland

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This is not an easy weed to control. We recommend cutting as soon as the weed appears and Keep cutting as need be throughout the season. Do not pull. You can eventually reduce numbers.
You can also use a weed barrier but it is not 100% effective.

Why is cutting better than pulling?
Does roto-tilling make a difference?
What about this molasses treatment?

Pulling may leave some of the nutlets in the ground that can spread. Rototilling may make the problem worse. Spring time, when it is actively growing, is the best time for attempting to control nutsedge before more tubers are produced. Once nutsedge has more than five or six leaves, they begin to form new tubers underground.
We have no research on the molasses treatment.

Thanks, doesn't sound too promising.
How about covering the whole garden with heavy plastic for a year?
Would that kill it? Longer covered?

If you want to cover the garden with heavy plastic it will take about 3 years or longer to control. If the nutlets are new, control may be sooner.