spring pruning, too late?

Asked March 20, 2016, 11:16 PM EDT

I have several shrubs/bushes, including butterfly bush, climatis, knockout rose, and st. john's wort, that I prune in the spring to control growth/shape. I have not had a chance to do the pruning this year, and I noticed that buds/new growth has already started. Is it too late to do my normal pruning?

Harford County Maryland

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Butterfly bush - Prune in the early spring with the onset of new growth. Can be pruned back to about a foot.
Clematis - http://extension.umd.edu/learn/quick-guide-pruning-clematis-hg107
Knockout roses - http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/rose-rosenot-always-look-%E2%80%98knock-out%E2%80%99-landscape-roses
St Johns Wort - There are several species. For most varieties, prune in early spring to remove winter damage, improve density, and keep vigorous. Remove any crowded, weak or dead branches.

thank you, but I wasn't looking for general info on pruning, my question is specifically about whether or not I can still prune if the bush/plant has already started budding. I am concerned I would be lopping off new growth and wondering what the impact of that is.

All of your plants other than the clematis bloom on new wood and it is not too late to prune them.
There is more than one type of clematis, and they bloom at different times, and have so have different pruning times. See the link.
If yours is one that blooms in late June- July, now is the correct time to cut them back so that it blooms all over the eventual height. If you don't, it will still bloom, but all the blossoms will be on the top.