Reasonable price for soil

Asked March 20, 2016, 11:02 PM EDT

Hi there, I am planning to put in a raised bed this spring, and I am wondering if you have any suggestions about where to find a reasonable price on soil to fill it with (I live in Roanoke city). I think that I need roughly 100 cubic feet for what I am hoping to do. Though if buying in bulk is substantially more cost-effective than by the bag, I may want to purchase twice that much to fill some low spots in my yard and do another landscaping project. I'd appreciate any advice you can give on places to start my search. Thank you, Alyda

Roanoke Virginia

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I would start my search with mulch and landscape supply yards. Several are listed in the Roanoke area. Look for an already prepared mix that is pH adjusted or create your own with topsoil, sand, leaf mulch or compost, or even wood chips. To make your own blend, spread ingredients on a large tarp and with a partner turn it to blend by holding opposing corners of the tarp. You will also have to blend batches as you fill the box. This is labor intensive without large equipment. Buying bulk will definitely be more cost effective than bags. If you expand your search region to SW Va you may find larger companies that will deliver to Roanoke to further reduce costs.