planting locations red and yellow raspberries in relation to black raspberries and blackberries

Asked March 20, 2016, 6:44 PM EDT

is there a minimum distance these should be planted from each other? If yes, then what are these distances? Is there a relationship to north south east west directions and prevailing winds that need to be taken into account? i.e., plant black raspberries in a North East area of a garden/farm plot and plant red and yellow raspberries to the South West or is it the other way or what locations? and what about in relation to blackberries? berry types for example -- Red Latham, Red Heritage, Yellow Anne, Black Logan and Darrow and Arapaho Black Berries

Rice County Minnesota

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Distances between plants is determined by type. East - West plantings provide more sun so produce more berries. There is no spacing required between beds, however, it is nice to know which bed is which. Berry type, zone, planting directions and variety information can be found at