Asked March 20, 2016, 11:05 AM EDT

i have an ambition to become a biotechnologist but i have no sourse of right information on this topic so i would like to have some help from the experts, i would like to know the difficulty level of this engineering field and how much of a good will it do to girls(since i am a girl),how much would i earn from this , how much demand is there for biotech engineers in the market,how is the difficulty of maths and bio.
thank you.

Outside United States

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Hello there! Thank you for your inquiry about a career in biotechnology. The field is expecting significant growth, so it is an excellent area to investigate.

The information in the links below is mostly United States-based. For information specific to your country, you'll probably want to talk to someone in a local university or career development office.

For general biotech education, career opportunities, and salary, see:

For good information about girls and the biotech field, see:

Every university will likely have its own degree requirements, but you can see a general list of courses for a biotechnology major here:

I hope this helps! Good luck with your education and career investigation.