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Asked March 19, 2016, 4:00 PM EDT

I live on the Corvallis Golf Course, Hole # 3, so I am planning to do container gardening because of the possibility of the weed spraying done on the golf course getting into a garden bed. My landlord has a pool in the backyard facing west (45th Street). He has not decided whether he is going to utilize it as a pool this year; however, just in case he does, I have a question, which follows: Would the chlorine in the water inhibit good bugs from coming to pollinate my container garden? When it is windy around the poolside, would the chlorine be a hindrance to my container garden? Thank you in advance. Best Wishes, Diane Patterson Cell or text: 541-243-4034 E-mail:

Benton County Oregon

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I will start with a brief comment about the issue of a ‘garden bed’ versus use of ‘container gardening’ as it relates to weed control on an adjacent golf course. The problem with weed spray getting into your vegetables would be the same for either in ground bed or container. Weed spray that would affect your garden would be airborne, carried by the wind. Hopefully, the grounds keepers at the golf course are experienced enough that they do not spray for weeds when it is windy. I have researched gardening by or near swimming pools that are maintained using chlorine. What I found is that many people have beautiful gardens (flowers, shrubs, and vegetables) right next to their swimming pool with no ill effects to insects from the chlorine. Corvallis city water contains chlorine and most city dwellers water their vegetable gardens using that water with no detrimental effects to the plants or the insects. I believe you will have no problem with either in ground or container gardening from the chlorine in your neighbors swimming pool. For best results, using either method of gardening, be sure that you have it in a space that receives a minimum of 8 hours of sun per day. Thanks for this question, I hope the answer is helpful!

Dear Don,

THANK YOU for speaking about the airborne weed spray from the golf course as that was my initial thought too, even for my container gardening. I was not certain whether I was being over cautious, so I am glad that you brought that information to light.

Again, THANKS for 'being there' for us gardeners.

Have a pleasant and safe Easter.