Plants dying because of a strange white substance found near the root

Asked March 19, 2016, 1:35 AM EDT

The latest victim is my bougainvillea which I bought that has these numerous white shell-like substances on top of the soil itself and now I'm seeing plant losing its health. In my lemon balm plant that nearly died until I repotted it had also an aphid like thing (redwoody coloured) inside the soil. I'm attaching the pic for your kind reference. I have asked a couple of horticulturists here they don't seem to have any pesticides for this. This is a balcony plant and I'm from dubai... it would be great if you could guide me on this. Changing the potting soil can help? Or any home made pesticides can be used?

Outside United States houseplants bougainvillea

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We cannot make a positive id based on your photos. At this point, we recommend repotting using a soilless based potting mixture or a mixture that promotes good drainage. No pesticides are required. Make sure the container has drainage holes. See our publication on repotting and also care of bougainvillea