would using coffee grounds as a fertilizer be more better for breaking down water quality

Asked March 18, 2016, 3:22 PM EDT

hey my name is melody milsap and i attending shoreland Lutheran high school and me were doing an project for my environmental class and me and my partner topic is on water quality and i just want to ask you a few questions on about are project i wanted to know if using coffee grounds as a fertilizer to help break down some of the toxic chemicals that are in the water like under ground water supply as well so were basically trying to compare coffee grounds and just instead of just using regular old chemicals
so tell me what would you think that would be a better

Brown County Wisconsin

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I am not aware of any use of coffee grounds for purification of water. Water can be purified with carbon filters. Passing water through coffee grounds most likely will just add compounds (nutrients) in the grounds into the water and not purify the water. However, coffee grounds could be beneficial to plants as a fertilizer. You might try an experiment of getting small plants that are the same, add no grounds to 3 plants, a little coffee to 3 plants, and allot of coffee to 3 plants and compare resutls after some time (eg 1 month).