Growing Brussel Sprouts in Josephine County from seed.

Asked March 18, 2016, 1:04 PM EDT

Hello, I'd appreciate any info on growing brussel sprouts in my region, from seed. I have an indoor growlight system to start them. I need info on timelines, i.e., when to plant seeds, when to transplant...Thank you.

Lane County Oregon

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The following publication has the information you are looking for. It says to transplant from late May to July. Depending on when you want to transplant, start your seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before that time. If you start in 6 packs or 9 pack cells, you will want to transplant to larger pots when there are two sets of leaves visible. Keep the seedlings watered and use a very dilute solution of fish fertilizer once a week after transplanting to the larger pots. If you have grown them indoors or in a greenhouse, harden off the seedlings before setting in the ground. Do this by placing them outside for a couple of hours the first day, then extend the time by two hours on subsequent days.

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