When to prune Rhododendrons

Asked March 18, 2016, 11:49 AM EDT

Hello, I purchased the Roseum Pink Rhododendrons two years ago and got great flowers that year; but none since. It's now March 18th. When can I prune these Rhotos? Can I prune now? The info card that came with the Rhodos says "blooms early to late spring". Please help.

Prince George's County Maryland

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Pruning may not be necessary unless the plant is already out of bounds. Leave it alone and it will develop buds for next season.Any pruning for plants that bloom before May 30th should be pruned right after they bloom.


I'll leave it alone until late summer. However, last year I saw big fat buds but ZERO blooms came; I'm not sure why that was. Anyway, maybe I'll prune early fall. Thank you, Tim

You should prune immediately after it blooms. In the summer and fall, it is growing the flower buds for the next spring. If you prune in fall or early spring before it blooms, then you will be cutting off all the flower buds for that spring.

Last winter was very severe and the low temperatures may have damaged the buds.
Rhododendrons should not require yearly pruning. If you have to prune this shrub each year, it may be better to transplant it where it has more room to grow. They transplant easily (in early spring.)


Thank you for your help. Tim