What are these bushes called?

Asked March 18, 2016, 10:18 AM EDT

Hello, We just moved into a house and want to start planting some colorful bushes. These pictures were taken locally in our area: * Near White Marsh Mall (this was taken from my car in the fall when the leaves turned red) * Near CCBC, Essex Campus (this was taken up close in late April 2015)

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The first, fall photo is of an Asian euonymus, commonly known as burning bush or winged euonymus. This euonymus has proven to be invasive in our parks and natural areas (birds spread the berries), and so is not recommended. (It also gets huge.)

The second photo, taken this spring, is flowering quince. You'll be able to find that at most garden centers. It does not flower for a long time, however, and can be a bear to prune.

Take your time planning your landscape so make future care easy for yourself. Be sure to get sun-loving plants for sunny sites, shade-lovers for shade, etc. Read tags carefully and notice the size. It may tell you the size in 10 years, but realize that it may get much, much larger.

Have fun!