Producing Silage without using Bunkers

Asked March 18, 2016, 9:11 AM EDT

How can we make silage without using bunkers. Can we make bundles of corn silage & wrap in plastic sheet, than leave for required time to make high quality corn silage?

Outside United States

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Some producers have been successful storing silage in above ground piles. The secret to any storage method is to minimize surface area exposed to air, and a tight (dense) pack to eliminate as much air in the stack as possible. The larger and deeper the stack the better. We usually call it a drive-over stack because we use a tractor to pack the stack to remove as many voids as possible. Smaller packages produce more surface area per ton of silage and are harder to pack. A few people have made baleage successfully, but it takes a good baler and not all round balers will do the job. Some silage producers use a big plastic tube. But it requires specialized equipment to stuff and pack the tubes.

See this University of Florida publication on silage making.

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