Accidental Use of Roundup

Asked March 18, 2016, 4:01 AM EDT

I accidentally spayed Roundup on a baseball field. A 30 gallon mix was further diluted with 100 gallons of water and a 30- 0- 0(128 oz) liquid fertilizer and spayed on the field. I didn't know the roundup solution was in the sprayer. After 20 minutes, I watered the field for over 1 hour to try to wash off whatever I could. The grass is Bermuda and only about 50% actively growing. This was done on Tuesday. When could I see if there was any harm done to the grass? I will loose my job (and my supervisor) in 5 days if the field needs replacing. Thank you . Steve Gasperini 361-218-3635 Victoria, Tx

Victoria County Texas

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Steve, Sorry to hear about this problem. It does happen more than you think. You are doing the right thing by watering. I would continue to water to lessen the concentration and to keep Roundup from binding to the Bermuda grass leaves. IF you start to see the effect, you should notice it in 5-7 days. My guess is you will see some effect if nothing else a little yellowing. However, the fertilizer you put out may counteract this effect. It is hard to tell. My prayers are with you. The bad news is Roundup was formulated to kill grass so it is non selective and if the concentration is right, it will do this. Too early to tell right now. Pray and all will be well. :)