Verticillium wilt in vine maple?

Asked March 17, 2016, 2:05 PM EDT

I have a Vine Maple about 35 years old on the south side of my home. It is near the front porch and I garden underneath of it. My home is located as the second house in from a street with large mature (100' ft ?) Silver Maple trees, so my vine maple was mostly shaded from late afternoon sun. Two years ago, the large maples were removed and my tree has been in the sun all day. It has always been healthy. It began to show signs of stress, early leaf browning. Two of the three large stems/trunks died last fall, so I recently cut them down. It appeared that the third stem was alive when I scraped into the cambium layer to check. Now, it looks like it has died, too. I'm including a photo of the stem I cut down, and now wonder if it's verticillium wilt and not heat stress. Can you confirm? Also, can you send some info on small (15-20') landscape trees that are resistant to verticillium wilt that I can replace it with? I need some shade around the front porch where my vine maple is located. Thank you! Stephanie Pringle

Multnomah County Oregon

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I can't confirm this from a picture but the discoloration of the growth rings look consistent with VW. However, think of last summer and how long, hot and dry it was--that is stressful for most living things. Considering two-thirds of the plant died back it could be a combination of stress and VW. You may want to have the tree/location evaluated by a certified arborist to help you understand what may have contributed to the demise of the tree. The publication here can help you with your choices. If you are in the Portland city limits, you also have this as a resource

I found this article that may help you understand VW better