Aggressive robin attacking windows

Asked March 17, 2016, 1:42 PM EDT

An aggressive robin has been attacking the windows in my house for 5 days! All day long he bashes again one window and then another. He has also attacked cars in my driveway. I hung bedsheets over the outside of the windows for a couple days, removed two unused bird nests nearby, but nothing has worked. I can't believe he hasn't killed himself yet. Any ideas what I can do to discourage this behavior? It's about to drive us crazy!

Hennepin County Minnesota wildlife

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Ah...those crazy boys! Windows, car side mirrors, anything that makes a reflection is fair game for a hormone driven bird in spring.

The only thing you can do is to place an opaque barrier over the shiny surface until the bird finds his true love and settles down to raise his family.

It is rare for one of these birds to become badly injured when fighting his reflection. An added annoyance to the homeowner is the fact that the male will sometimes defecate as he attacks, smearing feces all over the place.

Fake owls, scarecrows, and other deterrents don't seem to work. Some folks claim that strips of Mylar, hung from the tops of the windows and hanging down will flutter in the breeze and scare them off. You could try to take an old mirror or get a car side mirror and put it out in the yard in a place where the male should find it, and let him fight his phantom rival out there away from your windows.

Since most of these birds are federally protected songbirds, you can't simply murder him - as attractive as that may sound sometimes.

Again, covering these windows with something opaque - although window screening may work as well - is the most effective discouragement.

I hope this is helpful. Please contact AaE again if you have further questions.

Oh my goodness! I have more than 30 windows and he has visited all of them! And, yes, he's making a big mess of things. When I had bedsheets flapping from several of the windows, my neighbors were, ahhh... you might say, concerned. I feel sorry for the creature, but it sounds as if I will just have to allow nature to run its course.