bird mites

Asked March 17, 2016, 10:43 AM EDT

My brother lives in the Arbutus area and he thinks his house is infested with bird mites. We've both called around to numerous pest extermination companies and no one has been able to help us. I called the environmental services of Baltimore County health dept and they referred me here. Do you or anyone you know have any experience with this problem and how to resolve? Your prompt attention would be appreciated.

Baltimore County Maryland

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To have bird mites, you have to have birds or bird nests. Get rid of the birds and/or bird nests, and you should get rid of the mites. vw

I find your answer offensive. These are actual mites inside the home - it is not a figment of his imagination!! Shame on you.

We're sorry you were offended. You stated that pesticide companies were not able to help you. We thought you meant they could not find any mites, because when mites are present they can certainly treat for mites. We don't understand why they were not helpful.

Here is our website page on bird mites:

Keep in mind that bird mites may bite humans when they are looking for birds, but they cannot live in houses and feed on humans. They cannot become a long term infestation in a home unless there are bird nests actively being used nearby. This time of year, there are no nesting birds at all. So, it seems that your brother can't be having a problem with bird mites at the present time. (Or does he have pet birds indoors?)

If you can see and find some mites, take some clear, non-blurred photos and send them in a response to this email. Our entomologist may be able to identify what kind of mite they are.