Hole in backyard

Asked March 16, 2016, 8:10 PM EDT

Hi We live in Jefferson County, Jtown neighborhood. Over the course of a few years, a hole in our backyard between a maple tree and a garage has progressively gotten larger. It is now about 3 feet in diameter and four years ago was only about 1/2 foot. It is about 2.5 -3 ft deep. There appears to be a concrete brick lined area inside the hole. The tree is not in great shape and has some leaves in the summer. I am concerned this hole is getting bigger. Would you have any advice on checking this out. Is there any person who might be able to examine it? Thanks so much! Lynn Birkett 502-387-0557

Jefferson County Kentucky

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I would suggest you contact your local utility company (water, sewer, ele, gas) for abandon pipes/lines.
Let me know if more assistance is needed.

Wayne Long
Jefferson Co Extension Service