Replacing potting soil.

Asked March 16, 2016, 6:58 PM EDT

I grow herbs and vegetables on my deck because I live in an area that is highly populated with deer. Do I have to start with new potting mix each year or can I replenish with compost or fertilizer?

Douglas County Nevada container gardening

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This is a common question and the answers will vary. Here is my take. Reuse your potting soil but do a few steps first. If the pot grew a good crop last year I would reuse. If the crop failed and there was not a good reason then I would discard. To reuse I would recommend to freshen it up. If possible remove the soil from the pot and mix up adding about a fourth or third new fresh potting soil. This helps to replenish the soil from decomposition and rebuild the aeration in the soil. I would also work in a little general garden fertilizer to improve the fertility. Then refill your pots with refreshed mix. You should be set for another year.