When to spray plum trees.

Asked March 16, 2016, 12:57 PM EDT

My plum tree is in full blooms now. In the past, the plums have been ruined by worms. When is the best time to spray the tree to eliminate the worms.

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Growing fruit can be a challenge in Kentucky and plums are no exception. It may be too late for a few pests such as aphids, mites or scale but bloom time is the most important time to control pests. Disease and insect problems can occur at different times of the year so a spray schedule should be followed if possible. Various insecticides can be used so read and follow all label instructions for safe and effective use of pesticides.

This is a simplified spray schedule for peach, cherry and plums. This publication has a variety of pesticides recommended for your convienence:


The detailed schedule that follows has information on sprayers, how to spray, and has a pictorial (at the end) on what the differing stages of bloom look like by plant. Organic options are available here as well :


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