Diffenbachia cutting rotting in water

Asked March 15, 2016, 5:47 PM EDT

I got a Diffenbachia plant that wasn`t doing well. After I brought it home its leaves started to open and there was new growth. However, I didn`t notice that the pot didn`t have any holes right away. The stem became yellow and I had to cut it off. I put the healthy upper part in water in a container made from a plastic bottle and it became livelier but after I few days I noticed the water became dark and when I took it out the stem was gooey at the bottom. I cut it shorter and put it into a glass jar but I`m worried this will happen again. Please help!

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While diffenbachia can be rooted by sticking the lower stem into a container of water, it is more commonly propagated by cane cuttings. If you would like to continue to try the container with water it is recommended to change the water at least daily if not more than that to keep it fresh and clean.

If you want to try the cane cutting method, here are a couple fact sheets that covers this method of propagation:



It is possible the rotting organisms have moved up into the stem, which will make it difficult to control and it may continue to infect the plant. Sanitation is critical to successful propagation.