dying frogs

Asked March 15, 2016, 4:26 PM EDT

I have a small ornamental pond in my yard. It is quite popular with several different species of frog. Just recently i found about a dozen dead frogs in the water. I suspect they were there intending to breed because I found a single egg mass in the water. When I first saw how many dead frogs were in the water I scooped them out. While doing so I saw two still alive. They died a couple of days later. I have never seen this before in more than twenty years living here. Is this something I should be reporting to someone? Is there a killer frog disease in this area?

Baltimore County Maryland wildlife frog die off

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We have not heard of any other reports like this, thankfully.
Has there been any chemical application in your yard recently? Weed killer, preventer, fertilizer? It's possible some sort of contaminant got into the water. Even if the application was not to the water itself, heavy rain could wash it in to non target areas like your pond, and most are deadly to aquatic life. Do you have fish in there too? Were they affected?
We called the Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Hotline.
He mentioned the contaminant possibility, and also a possible soil fungus that can be deadly to frogs if it washed in.
If there has been no chemical application (which would include pesticides used on dogs and then they take a swim or some similar thing), be sure you have a pond pump/filter to keep the water moving.
For helpful reference, the Wildlife Hotline number is 877-463-6497.