Black raspberries for sugar sand land in East Texas

Asked March 14, 2016, 8:36 PM EDT

I love black raspberries. I picked many buckets full of wild ones as a child. What, if any, varieties of black raspberries do you recommend for East Texas (near Ben Wheeler)? I heard someone mention "Black Hawk". The land that we are developing as a future home is deep sugar sand, with oak, hickory, and lots of dogwood. I understand black raspberries are prone to a number of diseases. So I wonder if any of the varieties have good all around disease resistance. Or what organic products could help prevent disease.

Also, what varieties of thornless blackberries would you think would be best?

Thank you,
Les Brinkerhoff

Van Zandt County Texas

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More than likely what you all had growing up were dewberries and not black raspberries. Black raspberries are more commonly seen in eastern part of country. Dewberries on the other hand are found all over (even sometimes where we don't want them). As for thornless blackberries stick with these varieties. Arapaho and apache