Weed needs Identifying

Asked March 14, 2016, 6:47 PM EDT

I have horses and I found this weed/plant in their hay. I'm concerned it could be poisonous to them. It would be costly to just throw the hay away- I have too many bales. I've included pictures (The last close-up show the flower head, center right in the photo, minus the sepal or receptacle.) The weed is dried out and crushed (the process of making hay crushes the plants in between rollers) The location the hay was made is not know since it was purchased from a broker. I would guess it would have to be in the tri-state area DE/PA/MD. If you could identify this plant It would be awesome!

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As I am in Texas and this isn't a plant we have I would advice contacting your local county extension agent that might be more familiar with this plant.