Tomato plant leaf disorder

Asked March 14, 2016, 11:20 AM EDT

I am growing 5 tomato plants indoors, they are located in a sunny part of the room and get lots of water. The bottom stems with leaves on them have started to curl up and I can't find any description or pictures that relate to this problem. The only picture could be the one with salt problem. Our water comes out of a well and is quite hard, could this be the problem as when the weather permits I grow 18 plants outside and they are watered with the same source of water. If you could look into this problem for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance, Brian

Sweet Grass County Montana

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Hi Brian,
Thanks for your question. It would be salts accumulating (mostly form fertilizer) or it my just be water logged due to over watering.

I would recommend checking your fertility rate and to not over fertilize and to repot one of the plants to see if there is a water saturation issue. You will notice that the roots are not creamy white and the soil will have an ammonia or methane smell if it is over watered.

You may also send a picture. that way, I know the severity of the damage too.