flower or weed

Asked March 13, 2016, 3:02 PM EDT

Cranesbill geranium grows on the back of my 1/2 acre lot. Last year, something like it showed up in a front bed (where I did plant some nursery annuals last year). This spring they are numerous in the front bed on both sides of the walk and some even in the lawn! I remember seeing something last year about a weed that looks much like the geranium and wonder......have I carried seeds from the back in my compost? or is this the weed? The first photo is from the front, the second from the back?

Howard County Maryland

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There are several related wild geraniums that grow as weeds in our areas, and it is likely one of these.
Do a search of Geranium carolinianum a.k.a. Carolina crane's-bill. Other similar cranesbills include smallflower geranium or Dovefoot geranium.