flower or weed

Asked March 13, 2016, 3:02 PM EDT

Cranesbill geranium grows on the back of my 1/2 acre lot. Last year, something like it showed up in a front bed (where I did plant some nursery annuals last year). This spring they are numerous in the front bed on both sides of the walk and some even in the lawn! I remember seeing something last year about a weed that looks much like the geranium and wonder......have I carried seeds from the back in my compost? or is this the weed? The first photo is from the front, the second from the back?

Howard County Maryland weed identification cranesbill carolina geranium

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There are several related wild geraniums that grow as weeds in our areas, and it is likely one of these.
Do a search of Geranium carolinianum a.k.a. Carolina crane's-bill. Other similar cranesbills include smallflower geranium or Dovefoot geranium.