I'm pretty sure I have lessor peach tree borers. I have two peach trees in my...

Asked March 12, 2016, 7:46 PM EST

I'm pretty sure I have lessor peach tree borers. I have two peach trees in my yard and one is worse than the other. I've done some research on line and see there are chemicals that will treat this pest. Went to Grandma's Gardens today and they didn't have any of the recommended chemicals. UK extension service mentions Asana XL, Ambush, Lorsban, Pounce, and Thiodan. Any ideas on how to handle or where I can purchase the chemicals?

Warren County Ohio

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Thanks for your question concerning the lesser peach tree borer in your two trees. I see that you have indeed done your research prior to asking the question.

I would like to remind you from your reading that the control of the insect is done at the egg laying period aimed at control of the adult moths. The only thing that you might do at this time is to pierce the larval galleries under the bark with a small knife in hopes of killing the overwintering borers. You did not indicate the size of the trees and I really can't tell without a reference from the pictures. Younger trees are more heavily damaged by this insect.

The chemicals that you mentioned in your question are agricultural products generally applied by a licensed professional. The choices that you have as a home owner could be found on the local garden center or box store shelves. You will need to read the label of all the products to make sure it includes spraying on peach trees for lesser peach tree borer.
The active ingredients that you will be looking for include:

Please note that there are intervals that you must wait after applying the chemical to harvest any fruit.
There is a pheromone trap to catch the adult moths that are looking to mate, but I do not have a suggestion for where to find the traps. Generally, you can count on timing to help control the insect damage.
There are two generations of the Lesser Peach Tree Borer, one in Late May to Early June and the second in Mid August.
The following quote was taken from the "Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide 2016":

"The pheromone trap for lesser peachtree borer should be in place by peach petal fall (usually mid- to late April), in time to detect the first of the two generations of this pest.

Where lesser peachtree borer has been a light to moderate problem, apply insecticide once at the peak of the second moth flight (often mid-August, usually post-harvest). Where lesser peachtree borer has been a moderate to heavy problem, make 2 applications: the first 7 to 14 days after emergence of first-generation moths begins (spray mid-May to early June), and the second at the peak of the second- generation moth flight (often mid- August)."

You will need to get good coverage of the trunks and small branches to have effective control of this insect.

I hope this has given you answers to be successful with your peach tree growing.

Here is the link to the Midwest Fruit Pest Guide from Purdue University: